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31st May 2007, 07:13 PM
Hi All,

first of all congrats on another fine release and launch. it seems well worth the wait so far.
I have downloaded and installed F7_x64 today and it seems really slick and stable.

Before formatting my hard drive I was running Ubuntu Feisty x64, also quite pleasantly I might add, especially thanks to Automatix2 for x64, that program does wonders for an x64 ubuntu install.

I am not about to go ubuntu fanboy on you people or start another which distro is the best thread. Lots of distros are really good in their own way and have to offer something unique. There are some ubuntu based distros that aren't really neccesary, and i really don't get source based distros ... but hey to each his own.

I consider myself quite experienced in using *nix (since 1998), but i was just curious if anyone could tell me what it is that sets F7 apart from the rest. I mean what is the unique feature that makes F7 special. I think they have a good SElinux implementation but apart from that it is starting to look more of the same to me lately (same gnome same hardware detection same desktop effects roughly same boot time equally stable). After changing the themes and wallpapers F7 looks just like Ubuntu or PClinuxOS (although that it a little too mandraky for my taste) or even OpenSusE. I really want to stick to one distro though. F7 has a few packages that are more bleeding edge, and a cool graphical boot / grub / splash / theme / echo icons and a consistent look overall, but then ubuntu has upstart, windows migrator and finally a non-free codec / software program.

F7 seems great (although i am a little biased to .deb's and favor apt over yum) and i will probably keep it running until gutsy comes along or suse 10.3 but I really can't find any distinguising features to any of them .... but maybe i am not running it long enough.

thanks people.

PS! anyone got citrix ICA10 client running on fedora x64?

31st May 2007, 07:27 PM
One likes mother, the other likes daughter.

You say with changing theme, FC looks like Ubuntu ... Same can be said of Ubuntu ..., change the theme and they look like FC.

Why should there be any specific "distinguishing feature" that would make you go "Aah, ooh" when running Fedora.

For me, for example, it is simply the directory layout and software configuration (e.g. Apache config layout etc) and SELinux, for you it may be cool looking 3d desktop with wobbly windows and spinning cubes.

31st May 2007, 07:31 PM
With out Fedora the others would still be in the past.

Fedora makes it easy for some distro like sidux.

They take the work of Debian, Ubuntu and Ubuntu developers.
The newest release added the 2.6.21-3 kernel (debugged from 19,20,21 for 7 months by Fedora.

The installer (anaconda) is miles ahead of the others. LVM is still behind in many distros.

Not one offers a working out of the box MAC Security system.
How about python 2.5 - Fedora debugged that and the others will use it soon.

But there is a delay to how fast the others can get it in use, but when they do!!!!!!!!!!!!
We get Pioneer Stagecoach (Ubuntu 7.04) Sever and Workstation SOHO.

We get sidux 2007 2 (I was running the liveCD yesterday, all day, because it was so smooth and was the best LiveCD I have every used as far as stable and speed.
(Of course it is, it's made out of Debian, Ubuntu, and Fedora.)

When Redhat creates it's next RHLE it will be incredable. Based off Fedora 9 or 10.
A quantum leap at least.

Go coders, go! :)

Go testers, too! :)