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28th May 2007, 03:25 AM
Hi all,
Now this is a real newbie question. I have built a Fedora 6 LAMP Server and at this stage I only want to host one website.

To build and install the server I followed Stanton-Finleys' guide:

I am having trouble adding my home page to the server to overwrite the original "Fedora Core Test Page".
The reasons are:
I have two accounts.
1. The main Admin user which I use to login to Fedora with to manage the server.
2. A user called "jason" which I created which I though would be the developer for the machine.

My questions are:
1. If I create a file named "test.html" in gedit, where do I save the file?
When following Stanton-Finleys' guide I created a "public_html" folder and ammeded the Apache config files so that pages could be served from the "public_html" directories.
If I access http://localhost/ I am shown the "Fedora Test Page". If i access http://localhost/~jason/ I am shown the index.html file I created.
Do I save the file in the directory: "var/www/html" or "public_html"

2. What user account should I be logged into to crete the "index.html" file (The main su user, the normal admin user, or the user "jason"? Does it matter?

3. I have followed the guide and setup vsFTP. This is why I created the user account "jason" I thought I needed this to be able to login using the ftp program.
If I login using the user account "jason" I login to the root of the "jason" account. (I think). From here I can navigate to "public_html" and upload the "index.html" file.
If I login using the main username which I use to login to Fedora I also end up at the root. I am not sure from here how to navigate to the "var/www/html" folder.
I also have a "public_html" folder listed in the root. If I try and upload to this folder it fails.

Can someone please put mew out of my misery and explain what I am doing wrong?
Any help or advise is greatly apprciated

24th June 2007, 04:28 AM
You save it to /var/www/html , since it is the "default" place where Apache will look for pages. You probably have changed the config file only in the part with respect to "users" page (~username, which will go in turn to /home/username)