View Full Version : consoles lost in X

27th May 2007, 04:47 PM
Hi All,

I have Fedora core 5, w/nvidia mx-400 (Legacy driver) and an athlon 2.6 w/1 gig of ram.
A few updates ago, X hung, I lost DRI, and video went pear shaped. I removed video drivers, reinstalled, reconfigured, and got it sorted. But now I have no consoles when I start X. I can't see stdout error messages. I am currently in X, logged in to tty1 and tty3, and with an xterm open, but ps -e |grep bash shows a mingetty, but not a bash console on tty3; i.e. I'm NOT logged in. So a user starting X logged root out!

Open an xterm, and Ctrl_Alt_F1 (should be stdout console) gives me P onscreen
Ctrl_Alt_F2 gives Q Ctrl_Alt_F3 gives R Ctrl_Alt_F4 gives S
Ctrl_Alt_F5 gives Ctrl_Alt_F6 gives 7~

The keyboard section in xorg.conf hasn't changed as far as I can see. the DontVTSwitch option is left as default (off). Any ideas/directions? Thanks Business.kid