View Full Version : Kernel 2.6.21 won't find /dev/root

21st May 2007, 08:05 AM
I have installed CentOS 5 on a Jetway J7F4 system. It's an ITX mainboard with a passively cooled VIA CPU. The system freezes frequently under high HD or network load. A few extras were added to the 2.6.21 kernel, which are said to better support the VIA hardware, and cover those problems.

The VIA kernel options are not compiled in by default, so I have to build a custom kernel. I compiled the 2.6.21 FC7 kernel SRPM on the CentOS 5 system. I assumed this is no problem since CentOS 5 based on FC6.

The kernel actually compiled fine. When I boot it, the kernel start ups, but soon reports "/dev/root not found" and then panics.

I know that kernel 2.6.21 uses the new libata, so /dev/hda is now called /dev/sda. Anyhow grub.conf references to "(hd0,0)", and fstab uses "LABEL=/", which should still work fine even with the different device names. I haven't found any direct hda references in both files.

Anyone having a hint for me? I'm stuck now...

Thanks in advance!