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19th May 2007, 04:58 AM
Hello, I am having some troubles with valknut 0.3.7.

I'm pretty sure I have all of the connection info set correctly, because I can connect to hubs just fine. However, when trying to download anything or get file lists from other users, it just sits in the queue.

Also, the valknut site is gone, so I there is no manual. Has anyone else had similar problems?

I also have the correct port unblocked on my router and Fedora's firewall.

19th May 2007, 05:13 AM
This shows up in the log when trying to get anything:

[00:14:50] [username] Client: DC++ (0.698)
[00:14:50] [username] Warning: remote want to upload a file !
[00:14:50] [username] Warning no more free slots
[00:14:50] [username] Disconnected from *.*.*.*:*

But it shows that all of their slots are free on the search list?

19th May 2007, 05:20 AM
Why not use something that's still being maintained, like gtk-gnutella? These days I've started using bittorent-gui instead as I get more 'hit's for what I'm looking for from torrentspy.


19th May 2007, 05:38 AM
Well, there's a specific hub that I want to connect to to get obscure metal albums that I cannot find on any torrent sites. And I've never been a fan of the gnutella network :/

19th May 2007, 05:44 AM
The current version is 0.3.9 (May 6, 2007) but it looks like you'll have to compile it yourself. Maybe it will fix your problems?



19th May 2007, 05:52 AM
Note that valknut only supports the old (but more common) NMDC protocol, it has no support for the new ADC protocol which is being developed by the DC++ developers. If you need an ADC client, try something based on the DC++ core like LinuxDC++.

Unfortunately, due to changes in recent versions of DC++ (>= 0.696), valknut 0.3.7 may soon be no longer usable, because DC++ will be unable to download from valknut.

From: http://wxdcgui.sourceforge.net/