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18th May 2007, 09:03 AM
Hi all...

I use fedora quite for a time and all problems I had, I fixed myself, but there is one thing, that I can't figure out actually... So this is like first time asking for help :)

I have lirc set up in my FC7 (and had in FC6 as well), when I try to use lirc with the default totem with gstreamer plugins enabled, it just don't do anything - dead, no reaction at all...
I tried to install newer versions, reinstall that, but nothing seems to be working neither in FC6 or FC7 t1-t4, however I had Ubuntu on disk that crashed (now I haven't one :)), everything was quite fine. One thing I didn't do, was compiling Totem from source, I don't wanna do that, actually...

But I found out that totem-xine does the thing -> lirc is working. But I have one minor problem with that: I can't close it in a normal way, I mean when I try to close the window, it just freezes and then it goes: "This application..." ["Wait"] ["Force"], when force close - fine, closed. If closed from lirc (send some close key to totem), then it's fine as well...

I don't have .lircrc file with me, coz I'm not using that FC7 box (I'm at the working place now), but it's standart, tvtime works, VLC as well. I can't use VLC coz I almost have no sound volume adjustment slider, it's so tiny somewhere at the top, I can't use it and my family don't like VLC, so that's not an option, I'd rather figure out why totem isn't working...

So, can anybody help me sort this out: default totem doesn't work with lirc and totem-xine
don't wanna close normaly... Any suggestions/ideas?
The thing is that people don't use lirc much actually, that could be a problem for me :(

And in general, what is better gstreamer or xine? What you reccomend and why?
Thanx for your time...


19th May 2007, 12:43 PM