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15th May 2007, 02:20 PM

I hope this will be the correct forum.
Here is my question : i am going to upgrade my HomePC with a new processor, a new motherboard and probably a new videocard.
Since all the drivers are not developped for Linux, I would need your assistance to decide what to buy for my Fedora 6, knowing that my maximum amout is around 500 euros (France, many taxes), AMD (if possible very fast), 4 GB RAM and probably a NVidia (since the 6600 GT I own satisfies me a lot). My HD is a SATA one, and I still need Ethernet and IDe (for my DVD burner).
Of course I know some of you are purists and will not recommand some hardware because of propriatory hardware, but this is not mandatory to me if it works.

If I did a wrong routing for this message, please apologize.

Christophe (Paris/FR)

15th May 2007, 02:51 PM
Most basic hardware is compatible with recent distros like FC6.

The areas where you would have problems are 3d acceleration (your nvidia will make this easy), wifi (you haven't mentioned this, so should not be an issue)

cpus, ram, sata (non-raid arrays), ide, ethernet are all very well supported in fc6.

eg On one machine running 32bit fc6 I have an AMD64 3500, 1GB Ram, ATI X800 pro, ASUS A8V m/b, 2xIDE, 1xSATA, 2xDVD, Marvell gigabit ethernet, Netgear usb wifi, Audigy2 soundcard.

I reckon you could get that lot for close to 500 euros (maybe without the graphics card)

15th May 2007, 02:57 PM
Great thank you.

As soon as I have made my choice I will post it there to have a last opinion on it, and then I will send my whole configuration to the forum (unless anyone is bored with this kind of information).
I essentially hope it will solve my performances issue with Evolution.

Thank you for your quicik answer,
have a good day


12th December 2007, 07:12 PM
Hi, still me.

First of all, I would like to thank forum's members for their attitude since this is a pleasure to ask you something.

Regarding my new machine, it has been postponed to mid-january.

I will probably buy a 2core processor with 4GB and a new 400GB drive. This new drive is due to needs of Windows because of :
-WMA DRM protected files
-incompatibility between openOffice writer and MSWord (some tables go on next page...)
-Incompatibility between my HTCP3600 and Fedora 8.

So because VMWare does not satisfy me a lot, I will probably add to install a version of Windows (probably a cracked version unless Microsoft stops linked sells between their OS and applications).

I will keep you in touch ASAP.

Merry Xmas to everybody