View Full Version : Fedora Core 5 Freeze Ibm Desktop Thinkcentre

14th May 2007, 01:54 PM

For quite long I have been "wrestling" with a problem of "random freeze' of my system.
It all started with my machine being replaced for a new one ( IBM brand) .
I run on my IBM Desktop Thinkcentre 8187 with FC5 2.6.15-1.2054_FC5.

It has been since freezing after a day or two without any sign on dmesg or else other
system logs.
I /sbin/chkconfig all POWER and APM services neutralized what ever services and even played with the screensaver.
Nothing helped !!!
I recently came to an interesting finding !!!
I looked through my computer's BIOS and I have found out something I have not played with
It was something like:LEGACY USB ENABLED/DISABLED when I switched that BIOS PARAMETER TO "ON" or "ENABLED" it seemed to do good and surprisingly the machine stayed OK without freeze for 4 lasting days !
When I checked about that BIOS parameter I have found that by enabling it I "close" legacy ports diskette drive legacy keyboard and mouse and more and vice versa.

I found more than that that I used a USB mouse and a PS2 KEYBOARD in conjunction it seemed to be "tricky" and might have caused the freezing.

At the moment I enabled the BIOS LEGACY that is to make all legacy ports to be closed I
managed to eliminate the "conflict" and the freeze on my machine was gone.

I moved ahead and disabled the BIOS LEGACY that is open all ports but I connected a USB KEYBOARD and a USB MOUSE just to find out that now there is no freeze and the system runs for long days without freeze.

So I came to the conclusion that the combination of USB mouse with PS2 keyboard while in BIOS legacy DISABLED was probably the reason for those misfortunate freezings.

When enabling LEGACY USB in BIOS and by that closing PS2 ports Diskette keyboard and mouse I was having the remedy needed .

By attaching MOUSE and KEYBOARD USB and DISABLE LEGACY in BIOS (That is open all ports and legacy resources used by BIOS) I managed to have my system run smoothly for
5 days without having a single freeze.

IT seems that the interaction between the FC5 OP and BIOS on that special situation on which I used a PS2 keyboard with an USB mouse plus the LEGACY DISABLED in BIOS was the reason for my trouble and thank GOD now it runs OK for 5 days without any problem