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14th May 2007, 10:40 AM
I'm never sure whether these kinds of questions are Fedora related or xfce related. I've setup keyboard shortcuts to control my audio volume - Ctrl + up, Ctrl +down and Ctrl + M (mute). But they don't work. I had no idea what the commands were so I just copied the defaut ones, which are:

aumix -v0 (mute)
aumix -v-10 (down)
aumix -v+10 (up)

Are the shortcuts not working because those are the wrong commands for the xfce mixer?

Out of curiosity - the default keyboard shortcuts for the above commands are:


I have no clue what keys they are supposed to represent which is why I created a custom set of shortcuts.

Has anyone managed to set keyboard shortcuts for xfce? :confused:

16th May 2007, 04:17 AM
:confused: Anybody?