View Full Version : perl on fedora core 6

13th May 2007, 09:01 PM
I would like to know with what program i can programing in Perl and Python?


13th May 2007, 09:10 PM
You can use anything. I like Quanta+ which is designed for web programming and html etc but works nicely for perl. It's part of the kde web development package.

paul matthijsse
13th May 2007, 09:28 PM
Hi, you don't need any program apart from an editor to program in Perl (and Python as well, I suppose). Just type your perl code in the editor, save it as "myprog.pl" or something and run the command "perl myprog.pl", that's all.

EDIT: from within a terminal, that is. And from within the dir where you saved your program/code, that is...

Cheers, Paul.