View Full Version : Black screen issues

12th May 2007, 01:07 PM

I have recently re-installed FC 6 having found some information over why my screen just goes black after the installation process. I understand its due to driver issues. This time I installed with the "linux vesa" boot command, as I have heard this should stop the black screen ocurring until I can download the nVidia driver I need. However, I have had no luck!

The black screen returned after installation and the only way I have found to get round it is to use the "noapic" kernel argument. However, this seems to stop some of my USB ports from working and is therefore not ideal.

Can someone suggest what my next step should be? I have poor resolution due to the vesa driver, and im using the i386 kernel even though my machine is x86_64 (this was due to eclipse issues). I know I probably need to install kmod nvidia, and possibly edit my xorg.conf manually but I am completely confused about the order I should go about it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated...
My laptop specs are:-
AMD Turion 64 processor
2 Gb Ram
256Mb nVidia GeForce Go 7200

Thanks all

EDIT: I have since re-installed FC6 without the vesa driver and have installed the relevant nVidia drivers, which I know now work. However, I am still getting a black screen after startup without typing 'noapic'. This is regardless of booting into runlevels 3 or 5. I would like to get rid of this...any suggestions???