View Full Version : how robust is yum/yumex to crashes during update

22nd April 2007, 02:44 AM
I was running yumex to update a lot of stuff and I
was doing something else that had me running
glxinfo and it crashed the whole KDE desktop
for some reason.
My yumex process was killed right in the
middle of updating some packages.

What I want to ask is, is yumex pretty safe
about that sort of thing? Does it unpack things
to a scratch area and then copy them to the
system area in a fast operation to reduce the
risk of a partial update? I then reloaded
KDE with startx and reran yumex and it showed
three packages to update which I remembered
were members of the set I was trying to
do before. So I updated them and when done looked
in the /var/log/yum.log and didn't see any
repeated entries so I guess it's ok.


22nd April 2007, 03:49 AM
Hello Mark:
Over the years I've had pretty good luck with both yum and yumex.
I have no idea of any of the inner workings, however, mit could easily explain it to you. You can have a look see here : Yum Extender (http://www.yum-extender.org/cms/modules/news/)
You also may want to give the 1.9.6 version a whirl, it works very well.