View Full Version : gdm, automount, and printing

16th April 2007, 02:48 AM
Something is seriously jacked with the most recent package releases. Since I updated my system a week ago gdm, automount, and network printing have broken.

1) gdm has messages about directories not being found. the only workaround was to use kdm.

2) I still have no idea what the hell is wrong with automount. My usb devices are detected as per lsusb, but they will not automount. I have googled for 5 days without finding a resolution.

3) network printing went to hell. debug show errors about authentication. google returned no useful help.

I went so far as to reinstall. that fixed the gdm and automount, but network printing is still jacked up. I'm thinkng about reinstalling with my original fc6 disks from several months ago, bypass the updates, and see if I can get printing to work again.

I would just wait until fc7, but thats 6 weeks from now.

I don't mean for this to be a rant and I don't mean to ***** about fc6 as I have loved it to date. I just cannot figure out what the heck happened.