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15th April 2007, 11:20 AM
My problem looks like this.
I'm running on FC6 and while updating via yum, i'm getting an error:

There was a problem importing one of the Python modules
required to run yum. The error leading to this problem was:

No module named cElementTree

Please install a package which provides this module, or
verify that the module is installed correctly.

It's possible that the above module doesn't match the
current version of Python, which is:
2.4.4 (#1, Oct 23 2006, 13:58:00)
[GCC 4.1.1 20061011 (Red Hat 4.1.1-30)]

If you cannot solve this problem yourself, please go to
the yum faq at:

Plz help :)

Caesar Tjalbo
15th April 2007, 02:01 PM
Hello ZioM,

When I type

yum info *element*
it returns

Installed Packages
Name : python-elementtree
Arch : i386
Version: 1.2.6
Release: 5
Size : 300 k
Repo : installed
Summary: Fast XML parser and writer

The Element type is a simple but flexible container object, designed
to store hierarchical data structures, such as simplified XML
infosets, in memory. The element type can be described as a cross
between a Python list and a Python dictionary.

This package also includes the C implementation, cElementTree-1.0.2-20050302.

If it looks different when you do it, you can install it with

yum install python-elementtree
Can't help you with version problems.