View Full Version : gnome-panel hides behind open windows

8th April 2007, 02:00 PM

I am using Beryl as window manager. Sometimes, when maximizing windows, these windows "cover" the panel. The panel is still accessible with the mouse, moving it to the bottom of the screen shows the pop-up containing the title of the window. And clicking will still show the windows. But it is not visible.
Adding some transparency to the covering window shows that the panel did not autohide. Sometimes, the panel forgets to autohide even with a blank screen. This weird behaviour happens -sometimes- and is not reproducable every time.
When using metacity as windowmanager, the panel behaves nicely. Autohide works as intended, no windows cover the panel.

I am using FC6 with the actual Gnome and Beryl.

Does anyone have an idea how to fix that? Switching window managers is not an option, the goodies Beryl offers are helping me more than the touchy panel annoys me.