View Full Version : MPlayer streaming problem fixed

6th April 2007, 10:35 PM
For years I've been listening to streaming radio here:


I listened fine with XMMS and MPlayer. The station re-vamped their site and now they have more listening genres to pick from....basically they messed up a good thing. Well, XMMS wasn't streaming...it gets caught in a loop saying it's pre-buffering. MPlayer worked till today. It gave me this error in a loop:

FAAD: Failed to decode frame: Unexpected channel configuration change
FAAD: error: Unexpected channel configuration change, trying to resync!

I was using the MPlayer that yum installed from livna. I did a yum remove mplayer and then compiled it from source. Now it streams fine. This was a software update...maybe that's why?

Anyway, if anybody has the same difficulty with MPlayer this may work for you too.