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5th April 2007, 04:16 AM
I am using FC6 and experiencing a problem with audio players. The problem is that when I use audacious and xmms to listen online music playlist, the players would stop randomly for few minutes, then they will continue to play sometimes and other times they stop stop forever even I reconnected to the station.

I was suspicious of network congestion but I didn't think that's the case because I had no problems using xmms listening to the same station under Ubuntu (actually, i played the playlist in xmms in both fedora core and ubuntu systems at the same time and the xmms would stop in fedora core but not ubuntu).

Any thoughts on the possible causes or any solutions? Thanks in advance.

Here is the link to station I am listening :)

5th April 2007, 07:02 AM
But it's not Rock! Just kidding. You might monitor top to see if something starts every few minutes and gobbles up your cycles or see if maybe it's not caching enough. I really have no idea, I jsut had to comment on the choice of music :p
Not a dig at you for your choice, just an observation that I'm not young anymore (I even turn down rock these days)

5th April 2007, 07:26 AM
cool, at least u give the station a try. i think the station should thank for advertising its music :)
anyways, things look ok from the top output. i am not sure about the cache because i played with the buffer size and it didn't help.

5th April 2007, 07:31 AM
Did you monitor top until the music quit? I'm just taking a guess here anyway.

5th April 2007, 07:33 AM
My mind gets screwed up sometimes. I meant buffer ;)

5th April 2007, 08:35 PM
yes, i did. I even installed simplyMepis 6 on the same system to see if only fedora core has this problem. I used amarok under mepis and it behaved similarly. here is the part of top output:

top - 12:30:45 up 24 min, 1 user, load average: 0.64, 0.51, 0.47
Tasks: 109 total, 1 running, 108 sleeping, 0 stopped, 0 zombie
Cpu(s): 5.0% us, 2.7% sy, 0.0% ni, 92.0% id, 0.0% wa, 0.0% hi, 0.3% si
Mem: 506356k total, 499504k used, 6852k free, 13896k buffers
Swap: 1140604k total, 0k used, 1140604k free, 276880k cached

The strange thing is that when i use my ubutnu laptop with 1gb ram, things are running fine.