View Full Version : df and fstab not printing the same names

31st March 2007, 07:51 PM
Hi, I'm trying to setup some volumes using LVM2. So far it works as I wanted it, except for one annoying detail...

When I type in df -h, I get the following output:

/dev/md1 4.1G 137M 3.8G 4% /home
/dev/hda11 15G 166M 14G 2% /opt
70G 180M 66G 1% /sharepoint

/etc/fstab shows:

/dev/md1 /home ext3 defaults 1 2
LABEL=/opt /opt ext3 defaults 1 2
proc /proc proc defaults 0 0
/dev/VG03/LV00 /sharepoint ext3 defaults 1 2
/dev/VG00/LV00 /storage ext3 defaults 1 2

What annoys me is to see /dev/mapper/VG03-LV00 in df -h instead of /dev/VG03/LV00 as in the fstab.

Is there a way to correct this ?

I'm on FC6 btw, brand new install fully updated.

Thanks in advance,


31st March 2007, 09:01 PM
Well, since its not broken, it doesn't need fixing. However, if you insist on messing with it......

if you look at the contents of /dev/VG03/ you will notice that they are just symbolic links to the block devices in /dev/mapper. So, in your case, /dev/VG03/LV00 is a symbolic link to /dev/mapper/VG03-LV00. Since symbolic links are simply followed, you might be able to replace




mind you, all of this is simply conjecture and I would not recommend it. I am in no way an expert on the boot process or lvm (even though I do use it). Doing this could seriously break your system as the way it is setup may be required.

It would be best just to leave it alone, since as I have already said, it is not broken.