View Full Version : New version of sys_basher available (Linux hardware exerciser)

22nd March 2007, 03:41 PM
I've put a new version of sys_basher on the web,


This version adds temperature logging. Sys_basher is a multithreaded hardware exerciser that tests memory, floating point, and disk I/O on any POSIX compliant *nix system. Sys_basher supports from 1 to 256 simultaneous threads each running the processor and memory at 100% of it's capacity. The new temperature logging feature will tell you how well the cooling in the system works when the CPU is operating at full load. I've tested sys_basher under FC4,FC5, FC6 , Scientific Linux 4.4 and Cygwin (the Cygwin version is single threaded and does not do disk I/O testing). I've run it a a variety of single and dual core systems, I've never run it on a system with more than two cores/processors so I would appreciate it if someone with a larger system would test it to see if it can keep all the processors in a big system busy.

Sys_basher is open source, licensed under the BSD.