View Full Version : HP Compaq nx6325

22nd March 2007, 12:41 PM
I recently purchesd this laptop and have installed Fedora on a petition on it, windoze works fine but im having a little bit of trouble with Fedora Core 6 (Fresh Install).

Fisrtly i cant get my wireless to work, also i have a p2p ad-hoc network hosted in wondows and would like to host it in fedora aswell.

Also the wine installer seems to ahve disappeared.......

22nd March 2007, 12:44 PM
ooops forgot to add that my finger print scanner doest work :p

25th April 2007, 06:24 PM
You have some work to do

Look here

you want to install the kmod-ndiswrapper and ndiswrapper.1-38.lvn5 (might not be exact names)

On FC6 i believe that this is one of the extras available directly in yumex
Look here, but you are not going to compile, because you are going to use livna (perhaps?) but this describes the process well

and the hardware trick is here, there needs to be a link
look at number 35

good luck you will learn much doing this