View Full Version : Why this command does not work for Fedora? Thanks

13th March 2007, 05:40 AM
Dear ervery one

I am quite new to Fedora, or even the Linux. Therefore, i need some helps here.
I meet some problems when I set up the BB client in Fedora.
This command

eval "$DFCMD | $EGREP \"$DFUSE\" | $EGREP -v \"$DFEXCLUDE\" | $SORT\"+${DFSORT}\" > $BBTMP/DFOUT.$$"

I exculted seperatedly, there are errors
-bash: "": command not found
-bash: -v: command not found
-bash: "+wq: command not found.

How to change it? Thanks ...... :)

13th March 2007, 06:41 AM
Try typing

bash eval "$DFCMD | $EGREP \"$DFUSE\" | $EGREP -v \"$DFEXCLUDE\" | $SORT\"+${DFSORT}\" > $BBTMP/DFOUT.$$"


./eval "$DFCMD | $EGREP \"$DFUSE\" | $EGREP -v \"$DFEXCLUDE\" | $SORT\"+${DFSORT}\" > $BBTMP/DFOUT.$$"