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11th March 2007, 06:56 PM
I'm looking for a new email client, as I have searched google and found that many other people have lost emails with thunderbird. i'm thinking of switching either to balsa or claws, but i don't know which is more reliable. I know that there are different ways to store the email (MH, maildir, etc.) but I don't know which is better or more reliable.

11th March 2007, 07:20 PM

I've laways liked Opera - for a few reasons.

Opera has a very nice integrated email client, and stores the mail in a Unix compatible database format. Opera has good versions available for most platforms - including both Windoze and 'NIX.

With Opera - I'm able to keep my condiguration files and mail database files on my Linux server - and to use the same mail database between Linux and Windoze clients.

Thus with dual boot machines and across multiple machnes I have a single point for my email storage - I can set any or all machines to remove email from the isp server and still have all my email available on any machine I logon, whichever the operating system.

The Opera browser itself is superior to Firefox, IMHO.

As an example - BitTorrent is built right in to Opera.

I recenty downloaded the entire FC6 DVD image in Firefox - only to find Firefox only got the first 2 GByte! Opera downloaded the image with no problems at all.

I have found that for at least a few secure sites, that use the IE extensions, Opera does not function as well as Firefox - actually, at this time, the only two sites which have problems are Bellsouth (my phone company) and my bank. Bellsouth will not function at all with Opera - while my bank will complain - but does function.

Aside from these quirks - Opera has been my "one-stop" solution - and its' promary advantage is the very excellent email client that is built in.