View Full Version : How to allow other users access to mounted drives?

11th March 2007, 07:40 AM
I have a USB disk on a little NAS controller (NSLU2 running unslung 6.8) that I can access nicely with root with

mount -t cifs \\\\\\DISK\ 2 /mnt/LKGD7F73A

However, when I run emacs from an user mode xterm prompt, emacs cannot read and write the files on /mnt/LKGD7F73A. Emacs can see the file but it says the file is not readable.

However, if I start emacs from a root console mode prompt, it can read and write the files.

I did a google search and read that I need to do a "umount /mnt/LKGD7F73A; chmod 777 /LKGD7F73A " and remount but this did not work. (It may have helped because emacs can see the files now, just not read/write to/from them).

How do I do this? Is there a procedure that will work for fd0 and other devices?

What can I put in fstab so /mnt/LKGD7F73A will automount?