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10th March 2007, 07:15 AM

Planning on a doing a Fresh Fedora Core 6 install on my computer. Over the last few days I have been installing and removing different parts of Linux as part of my learning curve. Now I want to do a fresh install and setup the Fedora as best as possible.

Before I go ahead and format my hard drive, I just wanted to ask you guys some quick question for your final comments etc:

1. For a firewall I am planning on using Firestarter - seems to work best. Any Comments ?
2. For a Anti Virus I am going to use the Linux F-prot application. Any comments ?
3. What would you guys recommend for a DVD Player / Movie player ? For both downloaded files and DVD's
4. To copy / burn DVD's or CD's what software works well with Fedora 6 ?
5. For MSN chatting I am going to use the aMSN app - which I think is brilliant - do you guys use anything else ?
6. I will be updating the system to Firefox 2 as it works well and I have had no problems with it
7. What is the best application to list to Mp3's ?
8. I know that you can get bittorrent to work fine with Fedrora, do you guys use any other app for torrent downloads or any comments ?
9. Is it neccessary to use Anti-spyware with Fedora ? I know that security is good with Linux, but I had a person ask me yesterday if it was safe to do ones internet banking on Linux - and to be honest I didnt know what to answer him. Any Comments ?

Thanks in advance guys - this forum has been a real big help in the move from Windows to a linux system

10th March 2007, 08:30 AM
1. Firestarter is just a frontend for iptables. Iptables is standard with FC.
2. I like clamav it is in the repos, I have never found an active virus in linux (4years lots of downloads)
3. Vlc handles DVD menus, Mplayer will play about anything.
4. K3b, works on gnome or kde, is availble in repos works great, pretty much the defacto standard
4a. To shrink dvds there is k9copy but I use dvd shrink under wine
5. I here a lot about gaim
6. Last I heard it was not available from repos and most have problems with it.
Usually if something has been out for a while and it is not in the repos there is a good reason.
7. No idea
8. Everybody has a favorite.
9. Pretty much anti-spyware just does not apply to linux. Even viri are rare in linux


10th March 2007, 09:48 AM
Thanks Lazlow - and during the re-install of Fedora, is there anything that I could do during the installation that would make the installation of any of the packages above easier ?

10th March 2007, 10:16 AM
Most of the one I named should be "yum install whatever".