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9th March 2007, 08:11 PM
In my quest to consign Windows to the bin
( that's dustbin not /usr/bin ... ha ha ) I have
a few apps that are proving difficult to replace

So here is my problem:-

Have you heard of a package called ProDesktop
it's an educational CAD/CAM package


RoboLab which is the software that is
used to program Lego RCX bricks

I am desperate to find Linux friendly alternatives for these
( Open/Free would be perfect but I'll pay for a program if
thats what it takes )

Can anyone help me or point me in a direction that will help



9th March 2007, 08:37 PM
Well, for CAD try QCAD (http://www.qcad.org/qcad.html). You can install it with yum.

Dunno about the Lego bricks though.

9th March 2007, 09:17 PM

Following your post I downloaded it and for me it was fine
but when I was at school I did technical drawing. These days
they don't teach that so 2D probably won't make a lot of sense
to kids now. I really need a 3D clicky and drag type of app.

best wishes


9th March 2007, 11:31 PM
For 3D, you could look at VariCAD (http://www.varicad.com/); we use it for quite complex mechanical designs at my workplace. However, this has no CAM support. Looking at ProDesktop, it looks a bit more "artistic" oriented, rather than mechanical design. I'm not sure what else to suggest but there's more links at


10th March 2007, 12:14 AM
You might also want to try running these apps under Wine (Windows Emulator).

10th March 2007, 01:23 AM
Or within a Virtual Machine running Windows.