View Full Version : Burning DVD locks up my FC6 64

8th March 2007, 10:23 PM

I recently upgraded to 64bit FC6 and am enjoying the upgrade. My first real stumper, though: when I try to burn an .ISO, either with 'CD/DVD Creator' or 'GnomeBaker,' it tries but cannot do it. The DVD drive spins up, the light flashes, but it quicks flashing, the progress bar on the screen says it will take 2 hours 53 minutes (but soon even that goes away), and the program locks up. I do not quickly 'force quit,' my whole system locks up and I am forced to do a hard reset. Meanwhile the DVD drive continues to spin at 12X or so, until either I reset the machine or eject the disk (which often it also cannot do). Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!