View Full Version : Are file permissions 'distro exclusive'?

26th February 2007, 05:26 AM
Hello everybody.

Today I installed PCLinuxOS 2007 in my FC6 desktop (to dual boot it as a 'back door' like some posters here) and am really pleased with it. It runs smooth, almost out of the box (in fact I did not have to download anything) and yes..it is a kind of Mandriva clone. I am not thinking to replace FC with it though.

The point is that I have my /home partition (reiser) divided between two users (say A and B). My user account in PCLinuxOS is also A but oddly it has permissions (when the correspondent partition is mounted) to read files from the FC's B user. I know that in an emergency I can use PCLinuxOS's root account to backup everything but then a question came to my mind:
What would happen in my FC installation if I used PCLinux's root account to modify FC's A file permissions to enable PCLinuxOS's A user to read/write them?
Are the file permissions specific to a distro or to a partition?


26th February 2007, 06:10 AM
root can do whatever you want (if SELinux disabled), but user is recognized by number and not by the name. If you change permisions from PCLinuxOS, they will have the desired efects only if the corresponding user number id is the same in both OS. If not, you can get weird results.


1st March 2007, 08:10 AM
Thanks, I will consider that.