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14th February 2007, 03:39 AM
trying to install media player on my fc6
I run this
yum -y install xmms xmms-mp3 xmms-faad2 gstreamer-plugins-ugly libmad libid3tag

after it start checking for dependencies
I get this error:

"Error: Missing Dependency: faad2 = 2.0-19.20050131.lvn6 is needed by package xmms-faad2"

and when I download this faad2 = 2.0-19.20050131.lvn6 and try to install it, It says that a newer version is installed!!!!!!!

why am I doing this? because everytime I play mp3 with amarok I get something like chach,chach,chach,chach,chach,chach sound and it goes for ever... If the sound is getting distortion or something...

14th February 2007, 07:32 AM
It's because you probably installed it from freshrpms repository, remove it and install it directly from livna:

yum install faad2 --enablerepo livna --disablerepo freshrpms
Remember that next time you run a yum update you will risk to go back to the same situation unless you disable 3rd party repositories.

I configured yum with all 3rd parties repositories disabled and enable them just when I need to install something. When I need to update, I first run a yum update just on fedora official repositories (core, updates and extras) then I update the single packages from the third party repositories, one by one.


# Updates from official repositories:
yum -y update

# Updates from livna:
yum -y update faad2 libdvdnav x264 lame-libs amule a52dec mjpegtools ffmpeg lame mplayer-fonts faac libmad xvidcore gsm libdvdcss mplayer mpeg2dec libquicktime mjpegtools-libs mencoder libmp4v2 xine --enablerepo livna

# Updates from rpmforge repos:
yum -y update tcptraceroute scapy enblend fragrouter gnofract4d dwscan nmbscan wipe strobe lmbench weplab ncrypt httping wifiscanner nbtscan flash-plugin asleap dnstracer netwox sodipodi ap-utils snmpbrowser dhcping bing airtraf etherape fakeap xmess python-wifi dnstop wol john ettercap traceproto nasty furl sendip yersinia arp-scan peacock cowpatty --enablerepo dries --enablerepo freshrpms

To build the list I check which packages I have installed from those repositories with: rpm -qa|grep ".lvn" and rpm -qa|grep ".rf".

I hope this helps.