View Full Version : My procmail letting SPAM through to user

12th February 2007, 12:51 PM
I have spamassassin set up and working. However, I am getting mail passed into my inbox that contains the re-written header containing the word SPAM. Not all of them, just some. I don't understand how this is happening. Here's the procmail recipe that (looks like) would send these to /dev/null.

:0fw: spamassassin.lock
* < 256000
| /usr/bin/spamc

# spam folder for email identified as spam - change file/directory name
# if necessary

* ^X-Spam-Status: Yes

Here's an example of mail "leaking" through to a user:

From 7105576.21221829@upformit.com Mon Feb 12 06:42:29 2007
Subject: [SPAM] Test and Keep this New Plasma TV with participation!
Folder: /var/mail/doofus

How can mail with "SPAM" in the header be getting past this? Ideas? TIA, Ray