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11th February 2007, 10:55 PM
Hey Guys,

I've been using Fedora for about a year now. Started with 4, currently running 6. For the most part I'm very happy. The computer does what I need it to do without too many hang-ups. That being said, I recently encountered a few problems.

1. While trying to install software a few days ago, I received an error message from yum saying that there was no space left in /var/cache/whatever to download packages. I took a quick peek and realized that I am indeed running out of disk space on this partition. No problem, I have a few other partitions that I barely use anymore that can afford to donate some space. So, I popped in the GParted LiveCD, shrank one of those partitions and then went to enlarge my Fedora partition by the amount that I took away from the other one but GParted wouldn't let me do it. I have a feeling it's because even though the partition is formatted to ext3, GParted still recognizes it as "Unknown" because it will let me resize it if I format it to ext3. But won't that erase all of my data? I don't want to lose my current configuration but I don't feel like it should be too big of a hassle to acquire some more disk space.

2. Before this all happened, I suddenly lost my sound one day out of the blue. I think it was after an update but I couldn't trace which package(s) that may have been the culprit. I've messed with the settings in alsamixer but they all seemed normal. I tried "alsaunmute 0 -s 84" but that didn't seem to do anything and I can't even find any error messages anywhere to begin sorting out this problem. Does anybody have an idea where I could start? It's really annoying not having any sound. I know the speakers are still good too because they work perfectly on other systems.

3. I recently came across Conky and I love it. It's the perfect system monitor for me, lightweight and highly configurable, at least it's supposed to be. I took a look around Google and found that the config file is supposed to be located in ~/.conkyrc. Only I don't have such a file. Wouldn't Conky not be able to run without this file? Yet it does run but there are some problems with it. It flickers every 10 seconds or so and I saw somewhere that the solution to this was to add this line to /etc/X11/xorg.conf:

Section "Module"
Load "dbe"

and I did that, rebooted and everything but it still flickers. I'd also like to have it in the top-left of my screen instead of the bottom left which is the default but I found that this is an option that you can change in the config file which I don't have. Any ideas on this one?

Anyways, I love Fedora and would like to keep it around but it seems like every week or so I get a new problem, some of which I can sort out myself, some of which I can't, hence my first post here. I would appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction. Thank you.

11th February 2007, 11:08 PM
Oh yeah, one other thing I forgot. I installed eclipse through yum but after I did that, there were a few updates to install, one of which was geronimo-specs. All of the others installed perfectly but I got this error message when trying to install that one:

Missing Dependency: geronimo-specs = 1.0-0.M2.2jpp.12 is needed by package geronimo-specs-compat

I browsed yum for any packages that contain that name but could find none and my google skills have failed me here. Any ideas?

13th February 2007, 06:52 PM
Can anyone help me out here?

13th February 2007, 07:37 PM
Just a suggestion.. :)
I have eclipse installed .... why I'm not sure, however, I also have
# rpm -aq | grep geronimo
So, I am not completely sure why you are having some dependency issues?

I would try using yum to remove the resident package that is causing you problems, then use yum to install germonimo* again.
If it is geronimo-specs-compat
Then, yum remove geronimo-specs-compat


13th February 2007, 08:02 PM
I thought about doing that but the only problem is if I execute
yum remove geronimo-specs-compat it wants to take with it over 150 MB worth of packages including eclipse-cdt, eclipse-jdt and eclipse-platform. I thought about trying to exclude this particular update in yum.repos.d but I'm not completely sure which repo it's coming from. How could I find that out?

13th February 2007, 08:08 PM
eclipse is maintained by fedora-extras
You may want to consider having a scan through here :
If you cannot find a bug already filed, you may want to consider filing one and see what they have to say?