View Full Version : WINE, NTFS mount, and CD/DVD Drive in harmony?

11th February 2007, 05:16 AM
I am mounting my NTFS partition to /mnt.

I am using WINE to run Windows games. Some of these games require the CD to be in the drive.

Rather than get some No-CD cracks for the games, I am wondering if it is possible to get the program to see the CD in the drive, as it is not being "mounted" to the E drive that Windows would use.

It is accessed in /dev.

So, is it possible to basically create an E drive and mount the CD to it within the NTFS partition, so the game will see the CD? This is basically so I can get around re-formatting and stuff, and if it can't be done no *big* deal, it'd just be sort of cool. Thanks if you got any ideas guys..