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10th February 2007, 06:51 PM

I recently ditched my RH9 install and did a clean install of FC6. Things have been working fine over the last week, then I thought it was time to take some notice of the updates 'waiting' to be installed. Let the updater do its thing, but then started getting errors when trying to launch Nautilus from the 'Places' menu.

Right, Ok, I'll do a reboot and see if that solves the problem...

Now, as I try to login I get "There was a problem registering the panel with the bonobo-activation server. The error code is: 3. The panel will now exit." and a second pop-up with "Nautilus can't be used now due to an unexpected error.". I'm left with a blank screen and only the ctrl-alt-backspace to get me out.

I've done a power-off reboot, having read some other posts, but still no joy.

I could really do with some help on this.


11th February 2007, 11:16 AM
Ok, looking around it would appear it's a common issue with GNOME and B-A-S, right?

So, I've gone through various forums, various threads and followed suggestions, e.g. remove the /tmp/gconfd-* and /tmp/orbit-* folders, resynch clocks, startx from single user term, etc, etc.

Still nothing, still same lame B-A-S and Nautilus error messages!

So, what if I do a re-install and use KDE instead? Am I likely to see this error occur again in the future? What about moving to SuSE, Gentoo or Ubuntu? Or as a last resort installing XP and getting the windows versions of the (L)AMP stack!