View Full Version : getting IP adresses using dhcp after eth activation on boot!

10th February 2007, 02:15 PM
Hi ! Sry for my nooblike question.I'm just a begginer.
I was using FC4 and I've installed FC6(clean install with no upgrade).

Don't know why but sometimes/very often/ after eth starts on bootup it just cannot assign the ip adress by using the DHCP client (it freezes at that point).
I think I've tried everything( disabled firewall and SELinux) and trying every possible option from the network configurator in the gnome GUI.
If i choose Interactive Startup and not allowing eth to start everything works fine-> by activating the eth0 and the dhcp manually from the desktop.
The network connection works fine,because I've tested it ! I have a cable modem wich auto assigns the ip address to the computer using dhcp client.
On FC4 everything worked fine.
Sory for my english!
Thank you!