View Full Version : can't read superblock

6th February 2007, 01:58 PM
Hello, not a specific Fedora problem I don't think, but I'm running FC6 so worth a try:

I have a compact flash card that went in the river (don't ask...), but had some valuable photos on. Initially, the card would mount, and I could see the list of files, but they wouldn't open as jpg.

I left the card in silica gel to dry for a month and am now trying again.

It appears in /dev as 'hda', not 'hda1' as before, and when I try to mount it, I get the error 'cannot read superblock'.

I tried running fsck, but it gives no output.

Is there any hope at all of recovering any data on it, or should I give it up?

thanks for any help you can give