View Full Version : Weird modem miss-behaviour

John the train
5th February 2007, 06:26 PM
Not an appeal for help, but something i've never seen before that almost had me fooled for a while. Came on-line this morning, checked my mails - no problems there - then looked at the forum. I could get to the home page, but trying to access ' new posts ' or Forums, just the ' working ' cursor. Behaviour on other sites was patchy, ABC-online ( Australia ) accessible but slow, BBC ( UK ), no joy... I'd almost concluded that it was a problem with my ISP's servers when I decided to try re-starting the modem. Lo and behold, that sorted it.I've had the modem drop the connection at times, but this is a new one, so I thougt I'd post it in case it ever happens to some one else. Might save them some hair tearing! :D