View Full Version : FC6 x86_64 onto SUN FIRE X2100 M2

5th February 2007, 12:42 PM
I m currently trying to install Fedora Core 6 64 bits edition onto a SUN FIRE X2100 M2...
... and that not working! :D

here are the specs of the server :
AMD Opteron Dual-Core
2 250GB 3.5-inch SATA II disk drives, using hardware RAID 1 (Mirroring)
A USB DVD for booting on the CD (the SUN DVD ROM is currently not working)
There is no other OS, just FC6

This hardware is supposed to run Red Hat Enterprise 4, so I suppose it should also run FC

No problem during installation (havent use any kernel option for installation process)
but boot crashes just after enabling SWAP when trying to boot on the installed FC6(it says OK for it)

using the rescue system, I havent found any errors in the logs, just some warnings (I checked the /var/logs files (anaconda.*, messages, boot.log)+ /root/install.log) (after the chroot /mnt/sysimage)
A strange thing is that boot.log is COMPLETLY empty....
using System Rescue CD, I checked also that the 2 HD seems equivalent

so many questions :
how to find the error?
should have passed any kernel option during boot process?
should have I installed the 32 bit version?
is hardware RAID compatible with FC?

Thank you for any help!