View Full Version : KDE and nautilus??

2nd February 2007, 11:44 AM
Hi allz,

i'm currently using (enjoying) FC6 atm...

on these days I'm trying KDE instead of Gnome since there are more fancy applets (Superkaramba...) which I like but I'm still not convinced...

anyway I noticed that Icons on desktop (my Home folder, Computer etc) are all opened using Nautilus instead of Konqueror and therefore they don't get the icon theme I chosed on KDE Control Center...to use Konqueror I need to open the KDE menu and browse from there....how can I fix?


ps: one superkaramba monitor applet shows me that my memory (1GB) is almost all used and only 30-40MB free...isn't it too much? where can I see which process is eating up so much memory?