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26th December 2006, 09:38 PM
Hi everyone. I'm new on Linux since 3 weeks thanks to friends of Chile in irc.immortal-anime.net in JnF channel, I'm from Mexico and everybody names me Ten, xD. If you see this, post me dudes in Spansih if you want, well anyway.

I have a big TROUBLE. Laugh in my face if you want. I've installed FC 6(in GNOME ) in mi laptop 3 times. The reason was the bar where you minimize, maximize and close, YES, in the same that you can move a windows with the mouse-pointer, that one dissapeared. I tought was a bug installing the Audio convert plug in or Wine hq, but Yestreday I knew about the existence of Beryl, and I have discover that the bug disapeared when I unable the widow efects.

This for me it's cruel, because I had no Idea what to do, and one of the reasons to be a Linux user is about that deskop effects :D, yes kinda patetic desicion to be a Linux user, but it's too coool, because Linux is Linux, 1001%we talk about Bugless aplications than Windows XP; and Viruses, I have no idea if really exists in Linux but, thats too awsome, and the main, Everything its free :p!!! . Yep, another reason, but the best one I think.

So, guys check what can I do to fix that bug and If you can tell me about how to repair mi wirelesscoection in my Lap. Its a Hp Paviliion dv1000 , I installed the ip2200 and the problems continue, I need the wireless to my college for many things, please if you are not going to help or are not a JnF leecher or seeder known, only post a joke to make me feel better to pass this agony xD.

5th January 2007, 08:30 PM
Hi, and welcome to the community!

You should be able to find solutions to your Beryl configuration problem by searching the forum a little. If you haven't had luck yet, try searching for beryl, compiz, desktop effects...