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26th December 2006, 03:46 PM
I have a recently installed Fedora 6 running. Have been bit by bit learning how to make it do what I want.

But one program I need (for various reasons) is Skype. Searching on the internet and forums, I found only one description of how to do it. It looks great, but the first operation is:

"As the root user, add this line to the end of your /etc/apt/sources.list"

But to my great surprise, there is no apt folder under etc. I tried both command line "ls" under etc, and the graphical files manager. No apt.

So I am afraid that I will need help. As a new user, please be kind and give me a lot of details... I am learning, but slow.


26th December 2006, 03:55 PM
FC6 does not come with apt or symantec package updater.


the rpm built for fc5 works well under fc6 download and save

type yum localinstall *.rpm (assuming your in the dir where the rpm you downloaded is)
or rpm -ivh *.rpm to attempt to install as well

26th December 2006, 04:50 PM
To switch on microphone:

A. Right click at the volume control, choose preference.
B. File - Change Device - (OSS Mixer), which is the second one.
C. Below the microphone volume- click on the "microphone icon" until there is no cross on it.
D. File - Change Device - (Alsa Mixer), which is the first one.
E. Edit - preference - scroll down - click Mic Boost (+20 dB)
F. Click "Switches", which is next to Playback. Then click Mic Boost (+20 dB).

By the way, skype for Fedora 5 works fine for me in Fedora 6. You can call the "SKYPE TEST CALL" to finally test the microphone.

26th December 2006, 06:45 PM
Many thanks to both of you, but I see I have to solve another problem first... hopefully your suggestions will work.

The problems seems to be Firefox on Linux. I have a fast connection, and on this machine most pages load in matters of seconds.

But when I make the same connection to the machine where I have 'Fedora (a direct connection, not shared) some pages simply do not load, and those that do are extremely slow... minutes instead of seconds. Thunderbird seems to be normal, and no problem pinging the same pages, but Firefox just now simply would not connect to Google.

So I was not able to download Skype, which means I could not apply your suggestions.... yet.

But in any case, thanks.

26th December 2006, 11:01 PM
Well, if anyone else sees this I should tell how if finished.
I finally remembered reading about disabling the IPv6 setting in Firefox. Did that, and the network took off running.
So I went to Skype and downloaded the FP5 version, but to my great surprise Fedora installed it by itself! All I had to do was tell it to go ahead, and now Skype is up and running. So, efectively, I had nothing to do... Fedora did it with no help.

So far I am encouraged. It has been a bit of a struggle, but Fedora is up and running pretty much like I hoped it would.
And thanks to any who helped and read this!!