View Full Version : system compromised?

24th December 2006, 02:28 AM
I was adding another user to my system this evening for my mom to use once in a blue moon and low and behold I found three new usernames, gamehack, gamesail and last, but not least gamephant. Now I'm no Linux expert, but this just doesn't look like something that belongs there. My mother is 80 so I'm pretty sure she didn't put gamephant in there (not to mention she still hasn't figured out how to use a cell phone)..
I also know the other day someone or something changed my root password meaning someone gained access to my system.
I don't keep anything in here that could possibly be used by anyone like credit card info, bank records etc...But, it got there somehow. I thought I had my firewall pretty tight, but evidently not. Is there ANY chance at all that these names actually belong in there? If they do it sure is news to me, but then again a LOT of things are news to me with Fedora 6 or Fedora any number for that matter.
My first reaction was to delete them, but then I thought, well, there is an outside shot that one of these oddball games on this setup would do it, but it just doesn't look right to me. Thought I ought to check and see what you all think.


24th December 2006, 02:34 AM
You probably installed bsd text based games? Try googling for the three names in question.

24th December 2006, 03:14 AM
Yup, it is part of a game. Why it creates its own users that could log in and all (theoretically anyway) is a mystery to me, but at least I'll sleep better tonight. Now I'll sit up all night pondering why you would even know that. :eek: If I hadn't bothered to make her a username those would have sat there totally untouched from now till the end of time or untill I decided they weren't of any use to me whatsoever and that is most likely the case.
Thank you kind sir...or maddam which ever the gender might be. I didn't lOOk.