View Full Version : Installed hardware RAID 5 - Now am at loss!!

23rd December 2006, 05:31 PM
Hello Everyone

I added a hardware Raid 5 on one of the fedora 4 servers. Now I need to create the file system on it and create a partition.

The system also contains another SCSI controller with hardware RAID 1 on it. Im not sure how to indentify which device (/dev/???) belongs to the RAID 5 so I don't screw up the existing RAID 1...

Im working on a remote site and I MUST avoid the even the smallest mistake.

If someone could give me a summary of the steps that would enable me to figure out which device is the new RAID 5 and how to create the file system on it, would be deeply appreciated.

Thank you to All and Merry Xmas!!!


23rd December 2006, 07:13 PM
Not sure if this'll be any help, but.....
Perhaps you can get someinfo if you ssh into the remote site, chroot and run dmraid ? I realise dmraid is a software raid tool, but it may pick up hardware raid. Of course, I'm probably totally wrong, but it may be worth a try.