View Full Version : Any idea why gnome does this?

22nd December 2006, 08:49 PM
Every so often Gnome will just freeze. My mouse still works but everything else will not work. Theres no certain programs that cause this, just out of the blue it dies and i have to shut the computer off to get back in.

computer :
Fedora Core6 kernel
I do no have ATi drivers, just running kernel drivers, Video card detected and running okay. (radeon x700 pro)
I am running Desktop Effects if that is any concern.

Any help or any logs you need to see, or any hints on where to look would be great, thanks alot.

22nd December 2006, 09:53 PM
Disable the desktop effects and check if it still freezes. If yes, check your RAM and the /var/log/messages file.

22nd February 2007, 05:45 PM

I got the same prob, desktop effects are disabled, but from time to time, Gnome freezes, the I ssh i nto the machine and reboot it, no entries in the /var/log/messages file....

Any ideas maybe?