View Full Version : postfix and imap

22nd December 2006, 01:22 AM
Hi, I'm using postix after a migration from sendmail
For compatibility reasons I've decided to keep using the old large sendmail files
(/var/spool/mail/USER + /home/USER/mail/)
Everthing's cool as I'm using mainly webmail (openwebmail) and console based mail clients (pine, mutt), however I'd like to start using IMAP from the users laptop.
I know that there are few IMAP distributions out there and everything seems leading towards cyrus.

Anybody has got experience with this?

AFAIK cyrus doesn't like the large sendmail files and wants instead a separate .elm message for each email.

Can anybody tell me if there is a way to use IMAP with the legacy large files or at least a way to split them in a compatible way so that I won't loose all the existing messages?

Thanks to read