View Full Version : VMware -server - FC6 - use a previously defined virtual machine

21st December 2006, 10:41 PM
I had vmware-server installed on the FC5 release of Linux; Then I did something stupid; then tried to fix it - the more I fixed the worse it got; so I ended up just re-installing Linux, (after saving the /usr/lib/vmware) files.
The vmware-server install went ok (just ok, there were some problems)
After the vmware-server install, I created a new virtual machine; then I copied the virtual machine that had been saved earlier to the new virtual machines folder.

The Problem
when I try to power-on that virtual machine (the older one), I get the error:
VMware Server cannot find the virtual disk "/var/lib/vmware/Virtual Machines/Windows 2000 Professional/Windows 2000 Professional.vmdk"., however the .vmdk file is there.

Is there some "hidden" ID associated with the file that prevents it from being found when the virtual machine is powered on??? How do I fix it?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated


22nd December 2006, 03:33 AM
Sorry people---- but it looks like the problem was some inconsistancies caused by a brain-cramp