View Full Version : FC5 on Gigabyte M59SLI- Two drives in one?

20th December 2006, 02:45 PM
I've had a curious issue come up on my FC5 installation on a Gigabyte M59SLI-S5 board. On the initial install everything came up clean. (once I figured out I needed to install with linux noapic) After I did the first update to pull down the new kernel, etc., on boot I'm getting a slew of disk I/O errors. I have a WD 36Gb Raptor drive in the first sata slot and then raid array in slots 3-5. The errors are like the following:

Buffer I/O error on device hdg, logical block 2
end_request: I/O error, dev hdg, sector 24
end_request: I/O error, dev hdg, sector 0

Now what is curious is there really is no hdg drive. When you go to proc and cat partitions:

major minor #blocks name

34 0 36151920 hdg
34 1 104391 hdg1
34 2 36041827 hdg2
8 0 36151920 sda
8 1 104391 sda1
8 2 36041827 sda2
8 16 312570167 sdb
8 17 312568641 sdb1
8 32 312571224 sdc
8 33 312568641 sdc1
8 48 312571224 sdd
8 49 312568641 sdd1
8 64 312571224 sde
8 65 312568641 sde1
8 80 312571224 sdf
8 81 312568641 sdf1
253 0 33947648 dm-0
253 1 2031616 dm-1
9 0 625137152 md0

Note hdg and sda are the same drive. I pulled the drive out and ran WD disk diagnostics on it using a second XP machine and the drive checks out fine. I put it back into the system and it appears to work fine too but it bothers me that I'm getting all of these spurious errors. If I boot on the initial install kernel, there are no errors. Boot on the latest kernel (2.6.18-1.2239.fc5 #1 SMP) and I get the errors.

Also note, I discovered a subtle (at least to me) setting in the bios where they allow you to set the onboard SATA/IDE cntl mode. The default (which I built the initial install to) is IDE. You can change it to AHCI. I changed this back and forth with no apparent difference to the presence or absence of the errors. I was thinking of reinstalling FC5 with this setting changed to AHCI but I really don't think that will change.

Any ideas what is going on?

Update. I reinstalled with the BIOS set for AHCI. Same thing. Doing a bit of Googling around I believe that this is related to kernel's > 2.6.15-2054. The out-of-box kernel works fine. When I upgrade I get

sata1 (1st FIS fail) ... and then a slew of I/O errors on hdg, which actually does not exist and/or the new kernel has mapped my sda drive to hdg. When I do a cat /proc/partitions with the 2054 kernel there is no mention of an hdg drive.
I'll stick with the base kernel for now as I really don't need to upgrade since this box is being used as a server.

I've been running FC5 on my Dell XPS laptop without a single issue but that is a single core Intel P4 CPU, so I'm guessing there is a X2 86_64 issue related in there somewhere.