View Full Version : Missing 'Start' menu/KMenu

18th December 2006, 05:53 PM
Something strange just happened. I'm running FC6 on a 2.8 Dell OptiplexGX280 and I was browsing the internet looking for some DVDs. I clicked to enlarge the image of the cover and a new window popped up (I use Firefox not that it makes a difference I suppose) and as I'm using a 15 inch monitor as a standby whilst waiting for my 17" TFT to be returned I had to move the scrollbar to see the full image.

I went to click on the scrollbar and missed (!) and click the main Firefox window. At that point my 'Start' menu vanished and no matter what I do to any settings it wont come back. I was wondering if there is any terminal command I can use to get the damn thing back or if there was a command I could run to set the 'Start' menu back to normal.

EDIT : Just to clarify things I have no menu bar whatsoever on my desktop.

I have a few shortcuts to my progs in my home folder so I can at least still use it but...



18th December 2006, 06:21 PM
Hello again! I just had an idea and went to my root login and menu was still there. I went to the setting folder and right clicked on the panel edit option and chose to "Put Item In Run Dialog" and then copied the command to a terminal in my login. I pressed enter and then click Apply and my menu was back!!

Just for reference the command is :

kcmshell %i kicker_config kcmtaskbar