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17th December 2006, 08:55 PM
Hi all, I want to ask you a little favour. Its not for getting money or spam; nothing of this.
I got a permanent ban on 11/14/2006 by world of warcraft cause I used a stupid afk bot for 2 minutes, just to try it. The only way to get unbanned is with Cedega. I donít have a cedega account activated before 11/13/2006 so I cant email them by myself.

I want you to send an email to lucas@transgaming.com telling them I got banned using cedega so they tell blizzard to renable my account. I will give you all informations and the text about what to write. You dont risk anything. The worst thing it could happen is for me cause they will let my account banned forever. I know you can trash this message instantly cause its not your business this thing but for me its really important. Its christmas mate, and on christmas we are all good :) . Give me this biiiiiiiiiiiiig present pls. I Got a char with 72 days of played that means like 2000 hours spent for that char. I will be really really happy for that.

Thk anyway :)

17th December 2006, 09:03 PM
why not e-mail them yourself?