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18th April 2004, 04:12 PM
i've been having trouble getting test 2 to install, and after reading back through the forums i've noticed that i'm not the only one.

-my cd won't boot (i've tried two types of discs with two burners)
-when i use a floppy, it says it has to use a driver disk, tells me to insert it to either fd0 or hdc, and the floppies or cds don't work for this
-when i use bootdisk.img, it starts to load, but then tells me i have no install discs to match the boot media or something along those lines.

i'm currently running mandrake 10, last week it was redhat9. i'm an aspiring linux amatuer at best, so i'm attempting to try different distros out to figure out which i like best, so i'd really like to get this installed. i've read that you can update from redhat9, so i'm thinking i might try that. can you install to test2 from fedora core 1? that seems a little bit more logical to me, but as i said, i'm hardly an authority on this.

(i realize this is completely off topic, but how do i get my middle mouse button to autoscroll? right now it seems to go back to the first page opened in this tab, which is highly annoying.)

thanks for your help.

18th April 2004, 11:34 PM
Fedora Core test2 is a test-release for experienced users to try out new software, find and report bugs, and so on. If you're an "aspiring Linux amateur at best", I wouldn't recommend you a test distribution. Many new or upgraded programs are still buggy.

Try installing Fedora Core 1 and do the available updates using up2date ou yum. Check these forums, http://www.fedoranews.org or http://fedora.redhat.com for the final FC2 availability, then give it a try.