View Full Version : Xsane nuisances

29th November 2006, 03:04 AM
The typical mistake that I make with Xsane is to scan a preview of an image,.scan the image and then scan another image without the preview. The work on the first image sets the bounds of the area to be scanned and this is inadvertenly applied to my second image so it gets cut off at the edges. Is there a way to configure Xsane to avoid this? I'd like it to expand the scan area to full size after a scan is completed.

Another nuisance with Xsane may be peculiar to my computer hardware. Both under CentOS and now with FC6, I have the problem that adjusting the part of the preview to be scanned sometimes locks up the machine. It locks so badly the numlock key doesn't work. I have no problem with other mouse operations in Xsane and I have no problem using Gimp.