View Full Version : Nautilus scripts Menu

28th November 2006, 08:44 AM
I am trying to create the nautilus scripts menu. But for the life of me the bugger wont go. I was following the directions fromG-scripts (http://g-scripts.sourceforge.net/cat-executing.php) but its not working . I extracted the scripts to /home/flebber/.gnome/nautilus-scripts/ and then tried to make the directory executable and when that didnīt work I tried making just one file executable.

Hereīs what I did

[root@localhost flebber]# chmod u+x /home/flebber/.gnome/nautilus-scripts/gedit.sh
[root@localhost flebber]# chmod u+x /home/flebber/.gnome/nautilus-scripts
[root@localhost flebber]# exit
[flebber@localhost ~]$ chmod u+x /home/flebber/.gnome/nautilus-scripts

My end goal was to create a script that would allow to copy or move a file to any other directory on the computer as in Konqueror right click menu.

Any ideas where I am going wrong.